Hair extensions are not just for long luxurious hair, they can also be applied for volume, thickness, colour and texture. Giving you the ability to create a whole new look within a few hours and without any damage to you own natural hair. 

Frequently asked questions about keratin bond hair extensions

Can I get a quote for hair extensions over the phone?

To recieve a customised quote you will need book a consultation as there is no one size fits all when it comes to keratin bonds. Remember that different stylists offer different hair extensions and different levels of experience. Set price hair extensions including tapes and weaves which are easily quoted as its a half head full head basis are very different to a custom transformation with keratin bonds. Prue is a specialist in Great Lengths Keratin bonds which are quoted on a per piece basis. For a rough price guide without taking different lengths into consideration Volumising services can range between $300 - $800 Lengthening can range between $800 - $3000 Major transformations will sit on the higher end of the scale.

Do you offer payment plans for hair extensions?

After an initial deposit is made, pre-pay accounts are available. This is where you can make regular payments leading up to your hair extension application date. This is of course interest-free and means you don’t have the worry of paying for your hair extensions after you have had them applied!

Are your hair extensions safe to wear long term?

Keratin bond hair extensions are safe to wear even on the finest hair for many years with little to no down time. Prue has been applying customised sets for over 15 years and prides herself on damage-free applications.

How long will they last?

Keratin bonds can last up 4 to 6 months with reccomended care.

Can you resuse the hair extensions?

Keratin bonds can’t be reused, as they are a permanent hair extension. They suit women who want a low maintenance option with long term wear.

With keratin bonds, you don’t need removal and reapplication every 6 weeks like other hair extension types. There is no need for them to be reusable as they only need removing once when you have a new set applied

You will also avoid the damage caused by excessive removal of glues/resins/beads, once our bonds are removed there is no left over residue

Another plus is you will save $$$ on reapplication costs.

When your hair extensions are removed, Prue then donates the hair to be reused for wigs for children with cancer and alopecia so they do get a second wear!

Will you be able to see my hair extensions?

With over 15 years specialising in keratin bonds Prue will be able to create a look for you that is discreet, versatile and natural. Your application will include custom size bonds to match your natural hairs density alongside custom placements to ensure that you are able to style your hair without the attachments being visable.

Will my hair extensions match my colour?

With over 90 custom blends to choose from, Prue is able to create a bespoke colour match just for you. Upon consultation she will provide a colour match which will include 1 - 4 colours. These colours can be blended together to create babylights, balayage, highlights and lowlights. the possibilities are endless when it omes to creating looks with Great Lengths keratin bonds. Each set is ordered to suit meaning no extra colouring is needed on the day of application to achieve a perfectly blended transformation.

What lengths do you offer?

There is a length to suit each and every client! Being able to offer different lengths also gives Prue the opportunity to vary prices, She believes in saving the longer lengths for those who need it as it takes a looong time for hair to grow! So it would be a shame for it to be applied to then be cut back off again! Lengths available : Shoulder length - 30cm Below bra strap - 40cm Waist length - 50cm Hip Length - 60cm (custom order) 60cm lengths are available however they will need to be ordered 30days in advance as they will be custom made for just you!

Do I need a consultation?

Before delivering a bespoke hair transformation that's tailor made just for you, Prue will need to see you for a consultation, there's no one size fits all when it comes to looking and feeling your absolute best! A consultation requires a $40 deposit, which is redeemable off your hair extension service. If you would like to get started on your luxury hair transformation journey, please fill out the consultation request form HERE Please note; Prue recommends booking your consultation appointment a minimum of 1 - 2 weeks in advance to secure your desired application date and time.

Can I still swim with keratin bonds?

Absolutely! And you wont have to worry about any hair swimming away either!

Before jumping into salt or chlorinated water we recommend rinsing your hair with fresh water first and applying a leave in treatment

This will stop your hair from soaking up as much salt + chlorine.

When you get out of the water, rinse your salty locks with fresh water.

When possible - shampoo twice as usual and condition

Prue recommends applying a treatment after swimming, our go to is Olaplex #3 this is applied before you shampoo and condition your locks.